Tempura Endo Yasaka Gion/Kyoto

Online Reservation

We are now taking Online Reservation for tables of TEMPURA ENDO YASAKA. Please read the below reservation notes and fill in the form below, entering your reservation details.and click the " Check" button.

Reservation notes

Closing date for Reservation: The Online reservation will be accepted up to 1 days prior to the desired date. For reservations the day, please call us directly.
TEL / +81-75-551-1488
How to Input: Please fill in the required item (marked as ¦) and click the " Check" button.
Telephone Confirmation: We will make a Reservation Confirmation to this number by the end of the next day of your Online Reservation. Please make sure to put your telephone number which we can contact to.
Reservation Completion: Your reservation will be completed once we have confirmed with you by mail.
Cancellation/Change of reservation: Please inform us by telephone If you wish to cancel or change this reservation.
Other: No kids allowed.
Each parson must order course menu.
Notification: ¦We add 15% service charge for each private rooms (Tatami room/Table seats room/Tea ceremony room)
¦We add 10% service charge for Bar seats (Tempura bar seats/Ozashiki bar seats)
¦Because of limited space, there may be cases that we simply cannot meet your request. Kindly keep this in your mind, please.
¦Cancellation charge from the normal fee will be charged. 50% when cancelled the day@before,100% when cancelled on the day,100% for Cancellation with no contact.

Online Reservation

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