Takeout Bento Boxes

Our skilled tempura chefs prepare the tempura directly at Yasaka Endo.
We are ensuring that even after some time, the bento retains its light and delicious taste.
These bento boxes are popular for souvenirs, gifts, theater visits, and room visits.

“BENTO BOX”Tempura Rice Balls and Tempura Rolls
Enjoy six types of popular tempura rice balls and two types of tempura rolls, along with Kyoto-style tempura and Kyoto kaiseki dishes, all in a luxurious two-tiered bento.

-5,940 yen-(tax included)

“BENTO BOX”Tempura Rice Balls
Freshly fried shrimp tempura made into six colorful rice balls. The small-sized tempura rice balls are very popular among women. This bento is colorful and filled with Kyoto-style tempura and kaiseki dishes.

-3,888 yen-(tax included)

“TENMUSU”Tempura Rice Balls
Freshly fried shrimp tempura made into five colorful rice balls. Enjoy various tempura rice balls with flavors such as soaked in sauce, chirimen sansho, black pepper, Kyoto pickled vegetables, and oboro kelp. This is popular for engagements and family gatherings at Yasaka Endo.

-3,240 yen-(tax included)

“TENCHIRASHI”Tempura Assortment
Enjoy a bento box with 12 popular tempura dishes from Yasaka Endo’s course menu. The rice is layered with seaweed, giving you two flavors to enjoy till the end: soaked in sauce and sesame salt. This dish is praised for a rich flavor. Enjoy the taste of our restaurant at home.

-3,564 yen-(tax included)

“TENMAKI”Tempura Rolls
Freshly fried shrimp tempura and carefully prepared simmered conger eel wrapped in seaweed. Enjoy two flavors: soaked in sauce and sesame salt. This elegant bento is popular as a souvenir for children and women.

-3,240 yen-(tax included)

“Hamo Rice Bowl”Summer Limited
A fluffy and elegant rice bowl topped with Kyoto’s summer specialty, fried pike conger tempura, and grilled with sansho pepper.
※Limited period (June to September)

-4,101 yen-(tax included)

Hamo Rice Bowl
Ehomaki Tempura Roll
“Ehomaki Tempura Roll”Setsubun Limited
Freshly fried tempura and Yasaka Endo’s special rich broth-soaked tempura wrapped in roasted seaweed and shiso leaves.
※Limited period (February 1st to February 3rd)

3 rolls 1,296 yen
6 rolls 2,592 yen
10 rolls 4,320 yen(tax included)

Souvenir: Bento

※If you contact us in advance, we can adjust the content and quantity.
※The images are for reference only, and the content of the bento may change depending on the season and availability.

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