Seating Guide

Choices of Japanese-style bar seats, Ozashiki-counter seats, tearoom,
table seats, and banquet room are offered depending on the occasion and preference.


Tempura-Bar: Seats 14 guests

The Japanese-style tempura bar facing the stone path with the sprinkling water is enjoyed while guests dine on luscious ingredients of Kyoto's Gion, freshly prepared by the chefright in front of the guests.
* (Chartered for 12 persons or more)


Tempura-Bar Ozashiki: Seats 6 guests

The tatami-mat room encompassing a spot garden has a tempura bar with a sunken fireplace. In a traditional-style room with the added comfort of western-style seating, guests are able to observe the masterly skills of our chefs while relaxing in a cozy atmosphere.
* (Chartered for 3 persons or more )

Ozashiki (Private Tatami Room)

Ozashiki (Private Tatami Room): For 2-6 Guests

The sukiya-style (teahouse) tatami-mat room surrounded by a beautiful garden includes an antechamber to ensure maximum privacy. Suitable for business meetings or small parties.

Tea Ceremony Room

Tea Ceremony Room: 2 Guests

The most traditional tearoom setting encompasses a sunken hearth, a preparation room and a spot garden. Relish the exquisite tempura dining enhanced by an elegant atmosphere typical of Kyoto.

Banquets (Private Room)

Banquets (Private Room): For 4-12 guests

The perfect setting for a party or meeting while enjoying delicious tempura cuisine.

Table Seats (Private Room)

Table Seats (Private Room): For 2-14 guests

While overlooking the refined townscape of Yasaka district, guests are able to savor delectable Kyoto-style tempura while relaxing in comfortable chairs.

Table Seats (Private Room)

Table Seats (Private Room): For 2-12 guests

The room, Japanese and Western style, setting encompasses Kyoto's hills and temples on three window sides.